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derived from her original artwork


The Red Hat

The Red Hat Painting was presented by Josephine to the new president and CEO of Josephine Wall International Marketing Group, Dr Pat Sager. The painting is based on the Jenny Joseph poem Warning , which is dedicated to all women in their 'wisdom years' who are ready to start embarrassing their partners and children! Various scenes from the poem are depicted on the hat. The painting will have particular meaning to the members of the many Red Hat Societies throughout the world, but covert and 'up and coming' Red Hatters (like myself) will enjoy this beautiful painting also.

Pat, who has established her own Red Hat chapter in the northern Florida region of the USA, known as the Healthy Hip Hatters, introduced the painting at the Red Hatters Convention held in the USA in 2008. It was so well received that purple t-shirts with the picture printed on them have been produced for sale also.

The pictures have been printed on canvas and have been matted ready for framing. While there are other larger sizes available of this picture I am able to offer the following two sizes.

20x25cm-matted to 28x35cm for $65

28x35cm-matted to 40x50cm for $130

Red Hat T-Shirts

The t-shirts are now available in three colours-dark purple, purple and lavendar (for younger devotees)- and come in a wide range of sizes from S-3XL, for $35 each.

Dark Purple T-Shirt
Lavender T-Shirt
Light Purple
Light Purple T-Shirt